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OGPlanet Gears Up for the Big Game

January 31, 2008

OGPlanet Gears Up for the Big Game

New Football-related Items Announced Exclusively for North American Rumble Fighters Players

In honor of The Big Game on Feb. 3, OGPlanet today announced all new football-related in-game items and events for Rumble Fighter, its massively multiplayer online fighting game.

Beginning Jan. 31, Rumble Fighter players will be able to support their favorite team with in-game jerseys for the big game! Football helmets and a perky cheerleading uniform will also be available. While Rumble Fighter is an international game, these limited-edition football items are being created exclusively for the North American market.

"These football-related items are a fun way to tailor Rumble Fighter specifically to our North American players," said Sean Mackay, marketing manager for OGPlanet. "With the broad multi-national player base this game enjoys, it's important for us to make sure our players get an individualized gaming experience."

Nimonix, the Korean developer of Rumble Fighter, has made a commitment to providing specialized content in the North American region and these items are a first of many to come specifically for the U.S. in 2008.

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