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Official Neverland Card Battles Demo Now Available for Download

November 14, 2008

Official Neverland Card Battles Demo Now Available for Download

Experience True Card Battling On Your PSP System

Experience a true card battle game with the official Neverland Card Battles demo for the PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) system, now available on the PlayStation®Store on PSP system. Tabletop card battling game mechanics are combined with strategy RPG elements for a unique game that integrates over 200 collectible cards. Unlock new cards and playable Dominators (card wielders) as you adventure through Neverland to save the world from the evil deity Hellgaia. Available in the full retail version, ad-hoc battle mode lets you prove the power of your custom card deck against a friend.

The all new demo includes opening cut scenes, a tutorial mode, and a full level where you will go up against the Dominator Egma. Do you have the skills to beat him? Will you play your cards right? Find out what the first battle is all about, and what awaits you in Neverland Card Battles.


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