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Official Portal 2 Map Editor Announced


Valve's Portal series has proven to be a surprise breadwinner for the company, the unique first-person puzzler selling millions, with some former Valve developers even rushing off to create their own competing FPP titles (see: Kim Swift's Quantum Conundrum).

However, though Valve is surely planning on future Portal installments, it seems they aren't quite done milking Portal 2, with some very exciting DLC announced for early next year. The full details of this DLC expansion haven't been revealed, but the most exciting news is that it will feature the game's first full map-editor, allowing players to construct their own puzzles in-game and share them with other users.

Also confirmed is a puzzle-ranking system, letting users vote on the best puzzles and assumedly be able to filter through and find the most challenging of these user-created brain-ticklers. Definitely looks to be like an exciting time for Portal fans, and we'll have more news on this DLC as it's available.

Valve's press release (thanks GamersHell!)

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