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Official Battlefield 3 Twitter Mistakenly Posts Screenshot of Fan-Made Customization Screen


Is it good or bad that DICE might be taking inspiration from fans on Battlefield 3's design?  At least, that's what it looks like they were doing when the official Battlefield Twitter mistakenly posted an image of a fan-made "ideal customization menu".

That is an image of the Battlefield 3 tweet that was accidently sent to a fan when responding to a player about a potential hacker.  Don't believe me?  Check it out for yourself.  The image, of course, linked to a fan image created by a Reddit user who goes by the name Anderz.  Below is the actual image that the link led to.

The sad thing is, it's actually a pretty good design that many would argue is better than the actual Battlefield 3 layout that DICE has received a lot of flack for. 

Aside from how someone managed to make the mistake of posting a screenshot of a fan-made optimized customization screen, one has to wonder why that image was on their clipboard, let alone on a Battlefield 3 work computer.  I don't know which is more embarassing: the current BF3 layout or the fact they are looking at fan designs for inspiration...or maybe both and the fact that they let it slip?

One can argue it's actaully a good thing that they are listening to fan requests and looking at alternative sources for their design. But is Reddit really the best place to be looking?  I have to say, I've sound some pretty good fan work there.

Are you a fan of the user-designed layout?

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