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oeFun, Inc. Announces FREE Stress Toy for the iPhone and iPod touch

Aug 1, 2008

oeFun, Inc. Announces Free Stress Toy for the iPhone and iPod touch

Need to take a break? Then take a spin with oeFun’s Stress Toy. oeFun, Inc., is the interactive entertainment development company that developed Tilt Me for the iPhone and iPod touch. Now Stress Toy is also available via the App Store or through iTunes. Stress toy comes with seven different boards. Each board is a grid of 5 x 7 blocks which can be spun using the finger “flick” gesture. You can spin the blocks left, right, up or down. Each board has a different theme, offering different play possibilities. Make a doodle or solve a picture puzzle, it’s all up to how you play!

Stress Toy combines the Multi-Touch, accelerometer and 3D technologies of your iPhone or iPod touch to provide an entertaining interactive experience. oeFun’s new software technology (first seen in Tilt Me) allows you to “look” into your device and see the cubes from different angles by just tilting the device as if it were a real, physical toy. Just use a finger “flick” gesture to turn the blocks in different directions. Shake the device to switch to a different board. Stress Toy is free. That’s right free! Just download Stress Toy via the App Store or through iTunes.

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