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Obama Stimulates American Economy With Purchase of Just Dance 3


Though President Obama seems to be a polarizing figure among America's voters, we at least know he's got good taste in games, as the commander-in-chief picked up a copy of Just Dance 3 during a recent shopping excursion to Best Buy.

"They love dancing stuff" Obama told the Best Buy clerk of his daughters, the man helpfully guiding him towards the Wii version of the popular dancing sim. "Is this the hot one?" he asked, the clerk assuring him it was the latest and the greatest. Though seeing all the copies of Zelda: Skyward Sword staring back at him, we have to wonder if Obama truly made the right decision.

"In case you guys are wondering" Obama announced to the surrounding press. "Just Dance for the Wii, the girls beat me everytime on these various dance games. You guys will never get a picture of me doing it, because I get graded 'F' everytime."

Though he claimed to be Christmas shopping for his daughters, we have to wonder if the POTUS is secretly looking to get down and dirty with some late night dancing of his own. The total for his purchases came out a bit north of $40, Obama highlighting his push to extend the payroll tax cuts to Americans, who will lose an average of $40 per paycheck if it expires. As he demonstrates, $40 is just the right price for a new video game. Seems that Obama is fighting for us gamers!

Check out the full video of Obama's shopping trip on CBS news.

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