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NYU Knows How to Party, Invites Seth Killian


You may want to locate your nearest teleporter. NYU Game Center is holding a three-day long Street Fighter event called Spring Fighter. The event includes a film screening, a lecture, and of course, a Super Street Fighter IV tournament. Slots for the tournament are closed, but you can still spectate the event, make some new friends, and learn a thing or two about Street Fighter from one of the experts, Mr. Seth Killian himself.

Those unfamiliar with Killian probably know his name from the unforgiving final boss of Street Fighter IV--yep, they named the boss after him. He's also a community manager at Capcom, and the man pretty much lives and breathes Street Fighter. He'll be around NYU giving lectures, helping to host the event, and sharing some tips on SFIV strategy.

The event will also feature a screening of “I Got Next,” a documentary about the revival of fighting games, featuring names in the competitive scene like Justin Wong, Mike Ross, and Joe Ciaramelli. Unfortunately, that's the bit where if you're reading this, you'll need a teleporter fast, because the event starts right about now.

If you can make it there tomorrow or the next day, the event still has lots to offer visitors. The final day of Spring Fighter is the tournament, which should be a great way to check out some high-level play with a live audience.

If this is all a bit too short notice for you (we're sorry), keep in mind that NYU's Game Center holds events all the time. Their schedule is definitely worth looking into if you're at all into game design. Valve's Eric Wolpaw, for example, will be there May 5 to give a lecture just in time for a little post-Portal 2 discussion.

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