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Nyko makes the 3DS Circle Pad Pro sexy

Apparently, Nyko's stance one the Nintendo 3DS Circle Pad Pro is: Anything you can do I can do better, I can do anything better than you. At this point, Nintendo can't even say, "No you can't." Because Nyko can. And they have. As seen on, Nyko has created the first third-party 3DS Circle Pad Pro accessory, and they've done a hell of a job with it.

Nyko Nintendo 3DS Power Grip Pro

Nyko's Power Grip Pro serves other purposes, besides adding the second analog slider. The Power Grip Pro offers protection for your entire 3DS, as it is a clamshell hard case that covers your entire 3DS. It also comes with an extended battery that provides up to 3x longer play time. It is comfortable, looks sleek, clips on easily, and you get all of this for just $10 more than the clunky, ugly, can't-find-anywhere Nintendo Circle Pad. This is the description of the Power Grip Pro from Nyko's website:

Play with expanded controls and an expanded battery with Nyko’s Power Grip Pro for Nintendo 3DS. The Power Grip Pro adds an additional analog control pad to your 3DS, compatible with all games made for the Circle Pad Pro™. In addition to the added analog control, the Power Grip Pro works in conjunction with the existing 3DS battery providing up to 3x the play time making it perfect for long road trips, cross country flights or marathon gaming sessions at home. The extra playtime of the built-in battery is complemented by the ergonomic clamshell design of the Power Grip Pro, allowing the user to play in comfort for as long as the extended battery lasts while also protecting the 3DS system. The Power Grip Pro easily clips on to the back of the 3DS. There is no need to remove the internal battery, or back cover, making installation as easy as possible. Once you’re done playing, the Power Grip Pro easily recharges through the standard 3DS AC adaptor.

nintendo's 3ds circle pad pro

Nintendo's Circle Pad Pro... Not quite as pretty as Nyko's.

Nyko's Power Grip Pro is going to sell for $30, while Nintendo's goes for $20. But you're getting extra battery life and a case with Nyko's. It is set to ship in October.

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