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Nutritionally balanced pizzas? Scotland says ‘challenge accepted’


As if kilts and the caber toss wasn’t enough, the Scots are onto something BIG once again.  What you ask?  Though the magic of science and the money from entrepreneurs, Mike Lean (pretentious) and Donnie Maclean of Glasgow University have invented the first nutritionally balanced pizzas.  So… like… you can eat pizza… for all meals… and the nutritionists say that’s okay.  Whaaaaaaat?

  • These pizzas contain 30% of what an adult’s guideline for what a daily amount of vitamins and minerals one should have in one day.
  • They have a third of the recommended calories, protein, and carbohydrates.
  • They contain as much salt and saturated fat one should have in a full day.

Sooooo, yea.  If want pizza to be a complete and righteous meal, pizza can be a complete and righteous meal.  Mind, blown.  To get the ingredients to be just right, they had to get pretty creative with where they are getting what.  Examples of this creativity include using seaweed for sodium, iodine, and vitamin B12.  Through mixing red peppers into the sauce, they are getting for vitamin C, nutrients, magnesium, potassium, folates, and vitamin A.

While all of this may sound down right crazy, apparently it all tastes reallllly good still.  The plan is to freeze these pizzas to preserve their nutrients and to try and sell them at some of the top supermarkets in Scotland.  I want to both see how these bad boys sell and to taste one for myself.  Cheers Scotland.      



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