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Ntreev USA's Trickster  Online Revolution Launches Episode 4: A New Discovery

June 25, 2009


Players Will Be Introduced To A Secret Underground Room and An All-New Shocking Revelation As More Secrets of The Megalo Company Are Revealed

Ntreev USA, Inc. announced today that it has launched Episode 4 of its popular MMORPG known as Trickster Online Revolution at  Trickster Online's Episode

4: A New Discovery offers players a chance to explore and adventure in an all-new secret underground development room where they will meet the game's new non-playable character, Don Danihen, while more information behind the Megalo Company's secrets and mysteries are revealed.

Trickster Online: A New Discovery will be unveiled to players through three different Chapters. In Chapter 1, players will meet a new non-playable character, Lead Developer, who will be pivotal in guiding players through the exploration of the back story behind the deceased eccentric billionaire, Don Cavalier's, Company: the Megalo Company.

In Chapter 2, players will find an all-important CD that contains the key to Trickster; however, accessing the information will not be easy! In Chapter 3, players will meet the mysterious new non-playable character Don Danihen and finally find the truth behind the Developer's Ghost Story; the haunting of the halls of the development team's offices.

"Trickster Online: A New Discovery is at its heart a story of intrigue, secrets and mystery so it stands to reason that our players are always looking for the next big secret to be revealed," said Chris Lee, CEO of Ntreev USA. "Trickster Online: A New Discovery will reveal some of the all-important secrets of the Megalo Company through interesting quests, secret letters, mysterious acquaintances and much more."

About Trickster Online: A New Discovery

Trickster Online: A New Discovery is a free-to-play, full-featured MMORPG that appeals to the casual gamer. It follows a group of adventurers trying to solve the mystery set forth by the death of the eccentric billionaire Don Cavalier and the mysteries of who would inherit his immense fortune. The environment features bright, anime-styled 2D graphics and a vast, epic landscape. Players can completely choose how they want to play the game, from simply exploring the environment and interacting with friends to fighting monsters and other players in an attempt to reach an impressive level 400. The game also features unique and exciting mini-games which allow players to gain special items and experience without battling enemies.
With no limit to the number of users, players can interact with people from all over the world while chasing the Cavalier fortune! For more information, please visit the Trickster Online website:

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