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NPD No Longer Reporting Hardware Sales


Today we learn that the NPD, the independent group that tracks game sales, will no longer be reporting console sales.

This is a bit strange. Yes, software matters, but hardware does as well. It's the number all the console makers turn to and brag about every E3. What will the game industry be without Iwata-san telling us that the DS has sold over 150 million units or that the 3DS is becoming the fastest-selling handheld of its console generation?

Oh well, at least it will help end some of the fanboy wars we get every month.

According to NPD executive director David Riley "Clients can release their figures, which we can verify, but it shouldn't be up to the NPD to release these figures. Our corporate publishing guidelines changed, but nothing has changed client-side."

Okay, so maybe we will hear some sales numbers if the companies feel like talking about those.

In addition, the top ten software list will now only include unit sales for the top five games. The new reports will also include a revised footnote that explains that the monthly retail data reflects new physical purchases, not other sales such as digital distribution etc.

This new change is effective this week when the numbers roll out on Thursday.

Via GamePro

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