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Now you can derp around human brains in Surgeon Simulator 2013 on MAC


Attention MAC users, it is an absolute crime that you haven’t been given the opportunity to play and own Surgeon Simulator 2013 until today. A crime of the worst sort of villainy I say! Get the game, make videos of you failing terribly, and post those on YouTube already. MAKE MY SICK PASTIME BETTER!

Surgeon Simulator 2013 was that flash game that went amazingly well onto Steam. You play as a surgeon with little control over his arm and fingers – basically his general motor skills are awful. With these QWOP types controls, you perform heart, liver, and brain surgery. Just when you think you’ve mastered the skill, you can try doing the same surgeries in an ambulance. Want to play as the Team Fortress 2 medic and save the Heavy? That’s a thing as well.

Check out the Mac App Store, it’s going for $10.

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