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Novus AEterno will have a demo at Gamescom August 16-19th


Taitale Studios has announced that they will be showing off their newest title Novus AEterno off at Gamescom on August 16-19.  During this event, the studio will have the first ever playable demo for consumers. 

Novus AEterno is classified as a true AAA MMORTS game.  Take everything you love about the real time strategy genre and add that extra layer and progression with MMO elements.  When it comes to massive multiplayer online games, Taitale Studios focuses on the whole ‘massive’ element.  A single galaxy can hold over 30,000 empires within it simultaneously – that’s a pretty damn big RTS map.  Now add the fact that you can jump to other galaxies at any time and you are playing with hundreds of thousands players at once.  This is space, this is massive, you WILL be overwhelmed.

Wait… but aren’t RTS games build upon constant actions and movements?  If I’m offline… is it GG for my empire?  Of course not.  Through the “Overwatch” AI, an advanced computer intelligence will run our empire while you’re away.  Taitale Studios wants you to think of it as an autopilot for your empire.

Once you delve into Novus AEterno, you will have to come up with answers to several conflicts.  After the destruction of the five main empires in the universe, the birth of new empires is imminent.  To grow and be victorious, you will have to show cunning, set traps, and set alliances for prosperity.  The galaxy is yours for the taking.


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