Notch Teases Minecraft 'Hardcore' Mode

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Looking for a challenge in Minecraft? Markus "Notch" Persson may have just created the hardest, riskiest mode ever to hit Minecraft.

Today, Notch teased an image of "Hardcore" mode on, with text below it that reads, "World is deleted upon death." Let me get this straight, dying in this new mode won't just kill your character, but destroy your entire world as well. What a way to make the Endermen even more scarier.

Persson showed off the option toggle in a tweet, suggesting that the mode is in testing now and will be added in a future update. If you want to feel the terror of losing all of your carefully created constructions, and lose all the countless hours you spent building them in a mere instant, this is the option for you.

Notch teased in a follow-up Tweet, "Ultra Hardcore Mode". Ummm...what? This mode deletes a player's premium account status upon death. This better be a joke.

And you thought the Endermen were terrifying?

People already complained about losing their constructions to the Endermen. Imagine the uproar that will come from losing their entire world, or even worse, their premium account status. That last one is most likely a joke. But would you really put it past the guy?

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