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Notch: "Hoping" to Fix Minecraft Update 1.8 Bugs With Patch Tomorrow


Notch revealed via Twitter today that they're "hoping (HOPING!) to release something tomorrow." What exactly that will be is still unconfirmed, but Notch has indicated that he'll be tweaking the behavior of the Endermen, the "creepy" mobs introduced in the 1.8 Adventure Update.

Notch confirmed via Twitter, "By the way, I will nerf the endermen block carrying. It was a horrible idea." Currently, the Endermen have a habit of picking up blocks and carrying them around, sometimes vandalizing your cool creations, wasting hours of construction time. Admitted it wasn't his best idea, Notch will be removing that behavior in the upcoming patch.

In addition to the Endermen changes, Notch and the rest of the gang has "Fixed a few annoying lighting bugs, like fences under walls and such."

With that being said, Notch didn't promise an exact release of a patch tomorrow.

"If we don't feel comfortable doing a proper release, we'll do another "leak".

Notch already leaked a screenshot of a new "funny"

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