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Not all Wii U games support GamePad-only play

Contrary to what Nintendo has been presenting, not all Wii U games will be able to be played television-free using the GamePad’s screen. Based on the E3 press briefings and tech demos, Nintendo has made it seem like all Wii U games will allow you to play without a TV, streaming the image to the tablet’s screen while another can enjoy watching television.  That’s not the case, however.

Speaking to a Nintendo representative, we learned that only some games will support the feature that streams the game image from the big screen to the GamePad’s smaller built-in screen, allowing you to play the game on the GamePad while someone else uses the television.

There have been several occasions where the company has promised this TV-free gameplay, but they have failed to mention that only some games will support it.  The Wii Fit U title, announced this week, was shown off as utilizing this feature, but in fact, only some of the exercises will be able to be played without the television.

Another game is Assassin’s Creed 3: Liberation.  This title uses the GamePad screen as its inventory and map.  Because of this, you will need the television to play the game.

We aren’t sure which games will support this feature and which will require a television to be played, but it’s definitely something to look for in the future.

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