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Nostalgic Shadowgate is the reborn fantasy from your childhood

One day in the office, a fellow colleague was casually talking about a new Shadowgate coming out. From headphones, my ears perked up. My inner monologue basically said, “No, that just has to be a new game with the same name from that Nintendo game a million years ago.” Boy was I happy to learn I was wrong. Yes, this Shadowgate is the re-imagining of that game I played back in 1989. 

Not only did I play a ton of Shadowgate, I beat it several times thank you. I was young, this and multiple Sierra games were my first introductions to the point and click adventure games. I second I started playing the trailer playing above right now, that music REALLY took me back. That music is so damn memorable to me. Wow.

Anyways, sorry, I like entered a nostalgic comma from this post. It’s been nearly thirty years since the first version of Shadowgate came out – even before the NES version. This new 1014 version is coming out on PC, Mac, and iOS late summer. It was cost $19.99 after release but you can get it for 25% off for $14.99 if you buy it now via the Shadowgate website. A deal is a deal, and this deal won’t last forever.

Enjoy the nostalgia.  

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