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North America might get Unchained Blades sequel but not until 3DS version launches


Is Unchained Blades EXXIV a thing you folks want? If so, you're going to have to wait. While the sequel to Unchained Blades is currently in development for Japan, it's still not confirmed for North America. In fact, the 3DS version of the dungeon crawler is XSEED's priority as far as the west is concerned.

"We're still struggling to get the original out on 3DS first," stated the publisher on Facebook. "After that's finally out the door (hopefully Decemmber), then maybe we can start thinking about the sequel."

The first Unchained Blades is currently available on the PSP. GameZone's own Stephanie Carmichael reviewed the game, citing some neat ideas that ultimately didn't meet their full potential.

[XSEED via Joystiq]

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