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NOBY NOBY BOY Now Available for Download on PSN

February 19, 2009

NOBY NOBY BOY Now Available for Download on PSN

Expand Your Imagination with the Latest Title from the Creator of Katamari Damacy

NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc., today announced that NOBY NOBY BOY is now available for download from the PlayStation Network for the PLAYSTATION 3 for a price of $4.99. An original interactive experience from Katamari Damacy creator Keita Takahashi, NOBY NOBY BOY lets players’ imaginations run wild as they stretch a creature named BOY to amazing lengths and collaborate with other players online through randomly-generated stages throughout the solar system.

Delivering an experience like no other, NOBY NOBY BOY does away with strict goal-based gaming conventions, letting players create their own unique scenarios. As BOY, players can independently control the front and back ends of their body, pulling both sides apart to grow to incredible lengths. BOY can also eat nearly anything he encounters in the game, allowing him to grow even longer or spit out objects in any direction. Players can generate new randomly-generated stages at any time, providing a limitless selection of playground-like worlds to explore and interact with.

Connecting gamers around the world, NOBY NOBY BOY tracks the cumulative progress of all online players through a persistent character called GIRL. As players stretch BOY in their individual play sessions, the lengths to which they grow are uploaded to GIRL, who grows longer at the same rate of all the players in the world. Situated in outer space, GIRL starts at Earth and expands though the solar system as BOYs around the world continue to grow. When GIRL reaches a new milestone in the solar system, these areas are unlocked as playable stages in the game for everyone around the world. Online players can also record in-game video footage at any time and upload it directly to YouTube, sharing their creative exploits with millions of users.

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