No Swappable Ammo Types In Prey 2

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Why do people play first person shooters? For the guns of course! And while story of Prey 2 focuses on U.S. Marshal Killian Samuels, who starts the game on a passenger flight which suddenly crashes onto the Sphere (the crash is shown in the original Prey), fans only care about one thing: the weapons.

When asked if there will be different types of ammunition in Prey 2, Project Lead Chris Rhinehart responded via Prey 2's Facebook Q&A, "There isn't swappable ammo types, but different ammo types have been built into the weapons themselves."

Rhinehart continued, giving an example of what he means when saying ammo types are built into the weapons. "We have a variety of close-range shotgun-like weapons: Some that do more standard shotgun attacks, but others that have different projectile functions such as incendiary attacks or cluster-bomb like attacks where the projectiles explode once enough attach to the target and critical mass has been reached."

So rather than having one shotgun with four different ammo types, there will be four individual shotgun-like weapons that do different functions.

In short, the ammo isn't swappable, but the butt-load of guns are. And I'm sure you will find many in Prey 2.

Check out the official Prey 2 Trailer below:

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