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No New Valve Games at E3


Half-Life 2: Episode 3, Half-Life 3--whatever you want to call it, Valve has been frustratingly quiet about the game for years. Every E3 we hope for something and every year we're let down. This time is no different.

Valve has passed along an email to press that squashes any hope for seeing a new Half-Life out of them this year. "We are not showing any titles at this year's show," states the email. It's brief, succinct, and hugely disappointing.

Sure, you could argue that Valve just came off of Portal 2, but it's been too long since anything was said about Half-Life. Valve has been pushing out games at an impressive clip the last few years. It almost seems like they don't know where they're going with the series. Almost.

I'd say the reason it's taking so long is because the next Half-Life game will represent a new phase for Valve. Portal 2 looks great more often than not, but most of that is the result of art assets. The Source engine is starting to show its age. Half-Life 2 was a showcase of the Source engine, so I wouldn't be surprised if Half-Life 3 (or whatever they end up naming it) shows off a big leap in Valve's graphics tech.

Just don't expect to see it ...or anything from Valve for that matter ... at E3.

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