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No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise NA Launch Revealed


No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise launched in Europe today, and the North American release date for the HD remake has officially been confirmed. Konami sent out a press release announcing that Travis Touchdown would be reliving his first adventure on the PS3 on August 16. This should certainly make eager fans happy, as they have been waiting for Heroes' Paradise news since the game was first announced for Japan.

In addition to improved visuals, Heroes' Paradise will also feature PlayStation Move support. Graphics are of secondary importance to me, and when I played No More Heroes for the first time on the Wii, I thought it looked pretty good. The visuals weren't amazing from a technical standpoint, but they were certainly stylish. Screenshots for Heroes' Paradise look awesome, and I'm looking forward to seeing the entire game in HD.

Regarding the game's Move functionality, chances are the same commands that the Wii Remote used will be crossed over to Sony's motion controller. Considering how well the the Wii Remote responded to movement and factoring in Move's higher precision and sensitivity, Heroes' Paradise will likely incorporate the motion functionality in an impressive manner. One of the things that made No More Heroes stand out on the Wii was how the controls never felt tacked on. Let's hope some unnecessary waggle isn't added to the PlayStation 3 version of the game.

And in case you think North America is getting cheated out of the upcoming Red Zone Edition, you'll be glad to know that Heroes' Paradise is the exact same game. Like Red Zone Edition, the North American version of Heroes' Paradise will feature faster loading screens and all of the added content. Hopefully that clears up any confusion regarding the matter.

So who else is stoked about this?

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