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No DLC for Bastion


Have you played Bastion yet? If you haven't, you really should because it's awesome. Don't believe me? Just check out GameZone's in-depth review of the aesthetically pleasing RPG.

If you have played the game and were hoping to score some DLC to add to the experience, you may find yourself a tad disappointed. It turns out developer Supergiant Games has no plans of adding story-related DLC to Bastion. In an interview with The Morton Report, Bastion writer and creative direction Greg Kasavin cleared up any questions regarding add-on content for the game.

"We have no plans to extend the game in that way," said Kasavin. "As I was saying before, we held nothing back. It's meant to be a complete story, so there are no obvious extensions."

So it looks like the Bastion project is complete. Well, a lack of DLC doesn't rule out the possibility of a sequel somewhere down the road, so don't give up hope, Bastion lovers. Kasavin went on to say, "We're probably going to go dark here because whatever we do next probably isn't going to happen for a while."

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