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No, Spider-Man will not kill in his new game; Map is four - six times bigger than Sunset Overdrive

The Spider-Man game we deserve.

After a year of radio silence, Insomniac Games finally gave us an extensive look at PlayStation's exclusive Spider-Man game simply titled, Spider-Man. The wait was painful and the gameplay demo shown on Monday night might have spawned more questions than answers but luckily, Insomniac is spewing some details out for us while we anxiously wait for it to release in 2018.

Earlier this week, we got some details regarding the game's story and how involved Peter Parker himself will be, some gameplay details, and how cinematic the game will be thanks to QTE set-pieces. Now, some new questions have been answered regarding just how deadly Spider-Man will be and how open the open world will be!

In the gameplay demo we saw, Spider-Man knocks a guy off of a construction site and quickly pulls him back to safety using his webs. Fans wondered if you could let people fall to their death or if you must save enemies. The answer is Spider-Man will instinctively rescue people, he just does it himself, you don't need to press a button or anything. Insomniac Games wanted to make sure that Spider-Man isn't a cold blooded killer and is a hero who will save everyone, not just the civilians.

“It’s certain scenarios we’ve put him in, certain abilities he’ll do during combat to prevent people from dying,” Creative director Bryan Intihar said when speaking to Kotaku. “So whether it’s about deciding where stuff gets placed or how it unfolds, Spider-Man’s not gonna be killing people. That’s not the game we want to make.”

Although it doesn't seem like Spider-Man will hold back from being really brutal. In the same gameplay demo, moments before he saves the guy from falling off the building, he smacks a massive metal beam into three guys' heads. Like, really hard too! Maybe they aren't dead but they'll probably have major health issues going forward.

We also have a rough idea of how big the game's map will be thanks to PlayStation Trophies. PlayStation Trophies reported that community director for Insomniac Games, James Stevenson, told them that Spider-Man for PlayStation 4 will be "'four to six times bigger' than Sunset Overdrive" and will be "the biggest game Insomniac has ever created."

It sounds like Spider-Man is shaping up to be a really solid superhero game and Spider-Man game which is quite refreshing considering the webhead has a fairly rocky video game history.

Spider-Man will release exclusively on PlayStation 4 next year.

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