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No Online Multiplayer for Monster Hunter 3G


One of the things that I loved about Monster Hunter Tri for the Wii was the addition of online multiplayer. This component kept me coming back for more long after I had cleared the single-player campaign, and I sunk countless hours into the online mode as I hunted with other gamers. I'm sad to report that this aspect of the game will not be intact in the upcoming Monster Hunter 3G for the 3DS.

Capcom announced on its support page that the monster-slaying action RPG would not include any online multiplayer features, as translated by Andriasang. According to the publisher, gamers will be able to download additional quests, but that's as far as the online communications will go.

Like the Monster Hunter titles for PSP, gamers will still be able to engage in some local co-op adventuring. Well, at least there's that, right? But seriously, Monster Hunter is so awesome when played online. Personally, I think this is a blunder.

Nintendo has stated that the 3DS boasts an impressive online component, yet we haven't really seen it in action. It's a shame that Capcom left out such an awesome feature in Monster Hunter 3G. Like the console iterations of the series, it would have been a perfect fit.

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