No One Bought Enslaved – 460,000 Copies Sold

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Poor Ninja Theory – from Kung Fu Chaos to Heavenly Sword and now Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, the developer continues to grow into a serious contender, with Enslaved being one of the most cinematic games you'll find – yet, they can't seem to get a break. Sales numbers for Enslaved are unfortunate, to say the least, with only 460,000 units sold worldwide.

It was a commendable gamble on Namco Bandai's part to pick up publishing duties on Enslaved, but when it came time to push the game into the hearts and minds of consumers, it seems like they dropped the ball. The game got a lot of buzz in the press, but it was barely advertised. Even a sharp price drop a few weeks after release didn't make a big difference.

It's too bad too, because not only is Enslaved a pretty good game (82 on Metacritic), but it's also one of the most unique and vibrant games to come out in a while. I fear a fate worse than poor sales for Enslaved, as it could very well end up being another scapegoat for publishers to shy from creativity in the future.


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