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No more Scrabble: Wurdy is a 60-second 'anywhere' party game


Today Marvelous Games launched Wurdy, a word-based party game that you can play with friends and family on your mobile phone. It's a lot cooler than suggesting Scrabble for the hundredth time.

Marvelous Games, a division of Marvelous AQL, published the title for Middlesbrough, U.K.-based developer SockMonkey Studios. Available on the App Store for $2, Wurdy gives one player 60 seconds to describe a word or phrase accurately enough for others to guess what it is. No miming, rhyming, or spelling is allowed, and the next round starts as soon as the clock hits zero. The player with the most points at the end wins.

“People of all ages have always loved playing together — whether it's cards or classic board games," said Harry Holmwood, the CEO of MarvelousAQL Europe, in a press statement. "Wurdy takes that tradition and combines it with the easy accessibility and convenience of a mobile phone — making any occasion perfect for a fun, social game."

Topics include Celebrities, Film/TV, Sports, Animals, Books, and a Kids’ Zone for younger players. Each contains over 300 words for each minute-long round. Premium categories are available as in-app purchases, and SockMonkey plans to add new content related to pop culture news, sporting events, and holidays on a rolling basis.

Wurdy also features EveryPlay, which, when enabled, records each round from the quizzer's perspective. Players can then upload choose to upload the videos to Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

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