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No More Heroes: Red Zone Announced


When No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise was announced for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, fans of Suda51's comical, over-the-top action game were ecstatic. The new game would offer all of the exciting gameplay of the original plus some added bonuses. It also gave anti-Wii gamers a chance to play one of the most enjoyable titles on Nintendo's console without having to purchase the system they so harshly criticized.

Unfortunately, adopters of the HD remake of No More Heroes were left disappointed. Though the game did offer the same great adventure and some added content, a few glaring flaws made for a package that was somewhat underwhelming. Glitches and visual problems hampered the overall product, and it left all of those Wii-hating individuals feeling cheated.

Marvelous Entertainment has announced that another remake of the first No More Heroes will be released exclusively for the PlayStation 3. Titled No More Heroes: Red Zone, the upcoming HD re-remake will include 10 brand new missions, Boss Battle Mode (with network rankings), PlayStation Move support, and more. Additionally, early buyers will get their hands on Forbidden View Mode, which lets you look at the game's characters in a free camera perspective. This mode is certain to make fans of Sylvia Christel smile.

No More Heroes: Red Zone will launch in Japan for about $50. No word on whether North American or European territories will see a release. Given all the cool bonus modes and content, let's hope Travis Touchdown revisits his first adventure in areas outside Japan one more time.

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