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No Man's Sky Update 1.3 'Atlas Rises' is bring light multiplayer, 30 hours of story and tons more; Details here

This patch is actually a game changer.

On the one year anniversary since No Man's Sky released, Hello Games teased an upcoming update to the game that would bring portals and "central story" improvements. This update, Atlas Rises, has officially released and it definitely brought some major additions to the game. 

You can get an overview of the changes below and see the detailed patch notes on the following page.



As far as story goes, Atlas Rises is bringing 30 hours of new story content to No Man's Sky, along with "double the lore and interactions of the existing game," portals, and a "mysterious new interdimensional race." The story focuses on how "glitches are causing ancient portals to activate" and the story is told through a quest system with a branching narrative.


Unlock glyphs and travel to specific planets. You can share glyphs with the community to help travelers make their way to other planets.

Joint Exploration (call it lite multiplayer)

Up to 16 players will be able to see and communicate with one another and even explore the universe together. Interactions are 'very' limited, however, players will be able to utilize proximity based voice chat to speak with one another (only if you're nearby).

Economy/Map Tweaks

On top of the story, the update will tweak the economy of the game by adding wealth, economy, and conflict levels to star systems. The Galaxy Map and UI have been overhauled to improve navigation, review previous waypoints, and include access to key information - like the ability to filter the map by lifeform, wealth, and economy.

There are new economic variables between star systems and new trade goods to make money off of. One new item is a Gas Harvester, which extracts elements from a planet's atmosphere.


New 'rare' exotic planet types have been added to the game and the visual quality of planetary biomes has been improved. Planets will now have crashed Freighters which will feature lost cargo for players to scavenge. Players will also be able to excavate buried resources with a terrain manipulator. 

The terrain editing multi-tool enhancement will add or remove terrain any way you see fit and will do so with a number of materials and shapes for you to create with.

Low Flight has been improved with flight assist, but if you crash into something, your ship will be damaged.


New Ships

Class S ships have been introduced with new designs.


Mission Agents have taken up home in Space Stations to give players tasks and reward them. New NPC's have been added to the game, who will also have objectives.

Analysis Visors

The Analysis Visor tool has been re-calibrate to feature more information and offer better rewards for scanning, like alternative resources from specific interactables once scanned. 

Various Changes:

  • Summon your ship from anywhere on a planet’s surface using your quick menu.
  • Temperature measurement has been converted from Celsius to Fahrenheit based on locale.
  • Specific Technology and Cargo inventories have been added to improve inventory management.
  • Playstation 4 players can now adjust their field of view via the options menu.
  • Jump between systems from the comfort of your Freighter. Just interact with the hologram on your bridge, and select a location to travel to.
  • Landing your ship no longer auto-ejects you from the cockpit. Take time to survey the planet before exiting.


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