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No Man's Sky: Massive list of what was promised and is missing from game compiled

There are things missing that I didn't even know were missing.

No Man's Sky: Massive list of what was promised and is missing from game compiled

No Man's Sky released on the PlayStation 4 exactly one week ago in North America. Players across the world have been sharing their experiences in the game and plenty of people have come to the same conclusion: No Man's Sky is not the game we were sold.

A number of Redditors (mainly MeetWayneKer) have come together to compile a list of missing features in the game. Each feature that as expected ties back to some interview with creator Sean Murray or official marketing for the game - some of which is as recent as four months ago.

Here are a couple things that were shown off the last four months, but have failed to make an appearance:

  • Different alien races would be significant and that your alliance with the races would be meaningful. So far, we haven't seen anything to suggest this in the game. (1)
  • Not a single player has reported finding a desert planet, something that was shown off on multiple occasions. (2)
  • Ship classes and differentiation has yet to be seen. (3)
  • Resources depending on the distance from the sun or environmental factors. Pretty much every planet has the same resources.(4)
  • Doors that need to be hacked to be opened (5)
  • Binoculars that mark buildings (6)
  • Playing solely as a trader (7)

If you look further back than four months, there are tons of other features that have not made an appearance in the game - you can find a full breakdown here

There's a chance that some of these features didn't make the final cut of the game and will be added in a future patch. There's one thing that this list didn't cover and that's multiplayer. That's OK, this video sums that up:

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