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No Man's Sky has now become the worst game available on Steam

If PS4 had similar review systems then it would be the worst available there as well

The game no one ever stops talking about, No Man's Sky, has managed to reach a new milestone, the game has now managed to become the worst game on Steam, quite a feat actually.

Seems like we can't stop reporting on No Man's Sky, a few days ago an investigation by Advertising Standards Authority was started to look into the claims about false advertising and shortly after that the developers were suddenly open to talk about the whole "situation". Before all that there had already been a critic storm from about every outlet that you can imagine.

Now No Man's Sky has gone from Hero to Zero and has now managed to earn the milestone of being the worst game on Steam, at least in recent memory. It's something at least, some games go their entire life without reaching a single milestone.

The good people on Reddit noted that No Man's Sky has an overall rating of "Mostly Negative" based on 71,369 reviews and only 12 of the 5540 reviews made in the last 30 days are positive. Overall, 32 percent of players have left positive reviews on No Man's Sky. Basically, people don't like No Man's Sky at all. The Reddit thread linked above also tries to find other game who has worse scores than No Man's Sky but it's not that easy.

Now we wait to see where the No Man's Sky circus stops next.

Source: VG247

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