No Man's Sky beta invites are a scam

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Hello Games has warned gamers not to sign up for or trust any sort of site or email promising beta keys for No Man's Sky. Apparently, they are fake according to the developer.

"Hey, so if you hear about any kind of No Man's Sky beta, it isn't anything to do with us," the indie studio warned followers on Twitter.

A quick search for "No Man's Sky beta" reveals a website claiming to have 3,000-plus beta keys. It's not clear if this is what Hello Games is referring to, but I'd be wary of any other sort of invite either way.

No Man's Sky was first revealed in December 2013 during the Spike VGX. The reveal trailer showed off a procedurally generated universe filled with worlds ripe for exploration. The game doesn't yet have a release date, but Hello Games confirmed it will not be delayed following a flood that caused major damage to their office. 

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