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No major characters returning in Mass Effect Andromeda

Combat will be similar to ME3

No major characters returning to Mass Effect Andromeda

Ever since Mass Effect Andromeda was officially confirmed as the franchise's next title at this year's E3, and also beforehand, I've been on record saying that it would make no sense to feature any of the series' characters returning. In actuality, it's completely impossible.  Fortunately, the game's director Chris Wynn and the Bioware team seem to think the same thing as he mentioned on twitter this past week.  In response to a question asking if any of the major characters would be returning, Mr. Wynn stated that

I'm glad to see this as it's impossible to add Andromeda into the fray of the original trilogy's lore and have it make any sense at all. From the relays being destroyed, no technology to rebuild them, no way of traveling at speed of light to get to Andomeda etc, it just wouldn't jive and take away from the series. 

He also mentioned that the combat style in the game would go back to what Mass Effect 3 introduced. Look, we all know how badly Bioware messed up the ending of ME3.  If they could somehow redeem themselves by making Andromeda feature the storyline of ME1, exploration of ME2 and combat of ME3 it would be a dream for fans.  Unfortunately Mass Effect Andromeda doesn't launch until Holiday 2016 on both Xbox One and PS4 so we have a while to wait and see for more information. What are your thoughts on this and how it ties into the Mass Effect lore? Let us know

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