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No Chance for Ryu Hayabusa's Redemption in Ninja Gaiden 3


Ninja Gaiden is not a series where the bad guys get off easy, with the game's dark hero Ryu Hayabusa happily slashing his way through the opposition while sprays of blood gush up all around him like great and terrible hurt fountains. In short, when Team Ninja lead Yosuke Hayashi gets asked whether players can take a more gentle approach to the game's combat, he calls them out as the spineless wimps that they are. As he told Siliconera:

"It seems like people are looking for a way to be a hero without being a dark hero. They’re looking for a nice way to do things, but with Ryu Hayabusa being a dark hero that is not who he is." He also explained how players will be forced to kill even fleeing enemies in order to keep their chain combo going, and that players cannot hope to use special attacks that won't also take out these pacifists. "If you’re looking to play the easy way where you just use ninpo to clean up enemies without cutting anyone down that’s running away from the experience. We want players to feel a connection to Ryu and to do that they have to have blood on their hands too."

In short, you gotta kill everbody to get ahead in Ninja Gaiden 3. We're ok with this.

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