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No bank, my credit card wasn’t stolen. It’s just the Steam Summer sale


So this happened to me last night. I got home, waited for the new flash sale, saw that Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition was 75% off, and bought it for four friends. I may have called myself the Dark Souls fairy or something along those lines… regardless, I wanted those close to me to feel the pain (and joy) of playing Dark Souls. It was all going so well until I received this message from Steam.

Steam So Hard

Hmm, there is a certain tragic humor to this. I did the only logical action, called my bank to fix whatever issue this was so I could continue with my Steam sales madness. Apparently, my bank thought my debit card was stolen due to all the numerous amount of small purchases I was making with my card. The fact that I bought four copies of Dark Souls sure wasn’t helping the situation.

So while on the call with the gentleman, he said he could fix it pretty easily but he’d just have to go over a few recent charges. I of course agreed. Quite awkwardly, he went over the top purchases which were all of course Steam products. The guy on the phone had no idea what Steam was, “another software purchase from Seattle.” Finally we got into this dialogue…

Bank Representative: “What is Valve Software?”

Me: “A computer game service, they are having a huge sale right now. The Steam summer sale.”

BR: “Hmm, we don’t have Steam in Texas, we have other retail stores.”

Me: "…"   

Steam Bank Hit

I didn’t have the heart to tell him the truth. He did however, fix my debit card issue so I was happy and somewhat amused. He probably had no idea why I was making so many small purchases and didn’t buy everything at once like a normal human. Hey, when Steam is backed up items just randomly leave your cart – drastic measures have to be taken.   

The moral of this story is that I’m poor now.

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