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Nintendo to Release Revamped Wii


Nintendo is milking the Wii for all it's got before the Wii U arrives, causing the inevitable death of the Wii. It reminds me back of when I catered and they would say, "Push the fish, it's about to spoil."

In an effort to revive sales and take advantage of new, lower-priced hardware, Nintendo is releasing a slightly "revamped" Wii for a pre-holiday release. Instead of standing vertically, this "new" model will sit horizontally. It’s also slightly smaller and will likely be released at a lower price, probably because this new model lacks the ability to play Gamecube games and something called the Wii U is coming soon.

There is no doubt that the Wii has had a remarkable run. The Wii was released in November of 2006 and has since sold over 87 million units, which puts it on top for the best-selling game console of all time.

Pricing hasn’t been announced, but the system will come bundled with Wii Party, Wii Sports, a Wii Remote Plus and a Nunchuk. This system is reportedly not able to play classic Gamecube games.

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