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Nintendo Takes To The Skies in 4 U.S. Cities To Introduce New Kirby Game

September 22, 2008

Nintendo Takes To The Skies in 4 U.S. Cities To Introduce New Kirby Game

Nintendo celebrated the highly anticipated release of Kirby Super Star Ultra on Nintendo DS by releasing thousands of pink, cloud-like images of Kirby in the skies over four U.S. cities with areas that share his name (Birmingham, AL, Memphis, TN, Kingston, PA and Medford, NJ) Capitalizing on Kirby’s floating abilities; the multi-city launch event drew national attention to Kirby’s resurgence, introduced  younger consumers to the beloved Kirby character and drew excitement  for the launch of Kirby Super Star Ultra.

Excitement ran high as commuters, shoppers, children and people of all  ages gathered in groups to identify the pink characters floating gently through their skies. The Flogos, as they are called, are creations made from environmentally-friendly soapy bubbles and  lighter-than-air gas.

It’s been sixteen years since Kirby, the popular super, tough pink puff, made his first appearance and Nintendo is celebrating by releasing Kirby Super Star Ultra for Nintendo DS on Monday, September 22. The game features three new touch-screen-controlled mini-games that you can play with up to three friends, a slew of new adventures including updated graphics and fully rendered movie scenes.

Check out the video below:

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