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Nintendo Sheds Light on New Releases


Nintendo is certainly keeping fans in the know as of late. It's probably because information gets leaked so easily, or it could be that the Wii and 3DS manufacturer is just trying to be nice. Either way, the game industry giant has announced some noteworthy info that should have gamers excited and, in some cases, confused.

First, let's take a look at some of the reveals that are sure to get 3DS owners pumped. According to Nintendo during their Tokyo earnings briefing, gamers can expect Kid Icarus: Uprising to launch on the brand new dual screen handheld during or after this summer. Additionally, a May firmware update for the portable gaming machine will include a free download of the 3D Classics version of Excite Bike. If that isn't enough to stoke 3DS adopters, Nintendo will kick off their Virtual Console service with Game Boy and Game Boy Color titles. Other platforms are currently being considered, as well.

Despite the few Wii reveals as of late (possibly due to the console's upcoming successor), plenty of new content is in store for owners of Nintendo's shiny console. A port of Rhythm Heaven is expected to launch in Japan this summer along with several other titles, which will release on a one-per-month basis. For you Zelda and Kirby fans, expect Skyward Sword and a new Kirby title to launch in the near future, too.

Aside from all of the exciting news, one reveal is a tad confusing. Remember the Wii Vitality Sensor? It may be forgotten, but it's not gone. The peripheral is said to still be in development, so gamers can expect the accessory to launch for the Wii despite the low amount of hype (or interest from fans) behind it.

So, are you excited to see how much life Nintendo squeezes out of the Wii before they debut their next home console?

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