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Nintendo Claims The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Gameplay Will Last Between 50 - 100 Hours


We all had a feeling Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword would be big. Today, at the publisher's pre-Tokyo Game Show press conference, Nintendo designer Shigeru Miyamoto revealed just how big it is going to be.

After showing off a fancy montage of gameplay clips, Miaymoto revealed that a team of 100 develoepers at Nintendo have been working on this game for over five years. How much gameplay time does five years equate to? Miyamoto estimates the final game will run somewhere between 50 and 100 gameplay hours. If players aren't exhausted by then, they will be able to relive those boss confrontations in a "boss rush" mode.

Now, there is a pretty big difference between 50 and 100 hours of gameplay (exactly 50 hours if you didn't do the math) so it seems like Miyamoto might be over-exaggerating when he says 100 hours of gameplay. Either way, 50 hours is still a good time consumer.

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