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Nintendo 3DS Gets Price Cut


It hasn't even been half a year since the launch of the 3DS, and Nintendo has already announced a price reduction on the handheld. Effective August 12, the 3DS will sport a $169.99 price tag, down from its original $249.99 value. That's an $80 slash off the portable system's price at launch, which I reiterate, was but a mere four months ago yesterday!

Of course, Nintendo doesn't want to make early adopters of the 3DS feel cheated, so if you already own the handheld, you'll be in store for a collection of free games. If you paid $250 for the 3DS, you'll be able to download 10 NES games absolutely free of charge. You'll also receive 10 Game Boy Advance games for nary a penny. Not a bad trade ... that's if you don't mind getting some older games.

Regarding the price drop, the Big N stated the following: "Never in Nintendo's history have we dropped a system's trade price so significantly less than six months after launch. We are aware this may cause you, the loyal fans who supported Nintendo 3DS from the beginning, to lose trust in us, and this is not our intention in any way. All of you who have kindly supported Nintendo 3DS from the beginning are Nintendo's most important customers."

I think it's safe to say that Nintendo has really dropped the ball with the 3DS. The launch lineup was weak, we haven't seen much that's good since its release, and the price is pretty damn high. The reduction to $169.99 is a great start. Now Nintendo needs to start releasing some quality content at a steady rate for the platform.

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