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Nintendo to end Wii U production this year, according to reports

The NX has to be coming!

Nintendo to end Wii U production this year, according to reports

Nintendo has been hinting at an NX reveal or announcement to come later this year, but it appears as though they might have bigger plans than simply pulling the curtain back on the upcoming console. Reports are coming in that Nintendo will stop the production of Wii Us this year and that they might have even outright stopped productions already.

According to Japanese newspaper Nikkei (via NeoGaf), the Wii U's won't recover during the holiday season this year, so production of the console and its components will be ceased. Whether Nintendo plans on releasing the NX this year to offset the end of the Wii U, has yet to be revealed.

Along with reports from Nikkei that production for the Wii U will cease in the future, it is being suggested that the Wii U shortages in Japan could be associated with the end of production having already occurred. If Nintendo secretly pulled back in production already, an announcement for the NX might be coming shortly. 

This report falls in line with rumors saying the The Legend of Zelda for Wii U would be released for the NX later this year.

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