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Nintendo Switch gets Splatoon 2: New squids, new weapons, new styles

You thought it was an updated port, but it was me Splatoon 2!

Nintendo Switch gets Splatoon 2: New squids, new weapons, new styles

Splatoon fans has been ecstatic with news of an updated Splatoon port, but it was not to be. Alas, it was Splatoon 2 all along! Seriously though, the new footage showed off tons of new gameplay, including weapons and stages, a glimpse at the story mode, and the return of the glorious motion controls.

It's wild to think about the possibilities with the Splatoon franchise on the Nintendo Switch: Considering the wild success of the original Splatoon on the failing Wii U, and if the Big N's new console takes off like it should, Splatoon could become one of the largest single-platform shooters of all time. Sounds crazy right?

Well check out this crazy trailer and think of the possibilities:

What other things did you notice? The updated special attacks, new music, and character styles all look great, but let us know what you're looking forward to most in the comments section below.

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