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Nintendo Switch: All the details on the new Joy-Con controllers

Some rather interesting new features


Today at the Nintendo Switch announcement, there were a lot of questions surrounding how exactly the Joy-Con controllers would function. Well, we got what we asked for as they received a plethora of new details, specifically on how you will use them to play on the go and multiplayer games.

The left Joy-Con controller will feature an analog stick and D-pad as well as a capture button. This will allow screen shots of gameplay to be captured and share with your friends. The right Joy-Con features an analog stick as well as A,B,X,Y face buttons. A home button which doubles as an NFC reader/writer is located on the bottom of the right Joy-Con which can be used for Amiibo.

Multiple different color variations, including Neon Blue and Neon Red, will be available including a wrist strap like the Wii controller did. Each Joy-Con controller will have built in "L" and "R" button on the rail portion, allowing it to act as a fully independent controller. By this reason, each Switch will come with two controllers built in. 

Every controller has a sensor on the end as well. Not only does it pick up how far or near you are to a system, but it also can tell the difference between someone doing Rock, Paper, Scissors and which one they are holding. Shaking a glass, as demonstrated on stage, can capture how many ice cubes are in a glass. To demonstrate, Nintendo introduced two new games made specifically for this new type of feature. The first was "1, 2 Switch". This built for two players and games such as boxing, dualing wild west gun fights, sword fights, dancing etc. The game is meant to be played without looking at a screen, but rather in the eyes of your opponent, allowing the environment of wherever you are become the playing field.

Second, Nintendo announced boxing/fighting game that channels Inspector Gadget. It is called ARMS, and it's a one vs. one boxing match where your arms will stretch out super far across the screen in multiple directions. There will be super moves, multiple different character skins, etc. All player movement is controller throught the Joy-Con controller, such as tilting them side to side to move while using button techniques to throw multiple different combinations. 

1,2, Switch will release on launch March 3rd, while ARMS will see a Spring release date with no exact day as of yet. 

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