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Nintendo & Sony support SOPA, don't want you to know about it


The Stop Online Piracy Act or SOPA, is one of the worst pieces of internet legislation ever proposed. It seeks to impose huge limits on the world wide web, stifling the flow of free information simply to protect the interests of a few powerful industries. Because everybody knows that maintaining the greatest repository of knowledge in the history of human existence is less important than making sure you paid full price for that Best of Hall & Oates album.

In short, GameZone fully approves the public shaming of any company who would approve this awful bill, which is why both Nintendo and Sony are worthy of our ire today. Both companies publically came out in support of SOPA, apparently more interested in their own profits than the overwhelming damage this bill will cause to our beloved internet. What's even more shameful is that both companies have attempted to now hide their support, removing their names from the listed sponsors of the bill. However, both companies remain involved with the Entertainment Software Association, who is still listed as a supporter. It's clear that both Sony & Nintendo are simply hoping to avoid the public backlash associated with supporting SOPA, but have only managed to make themselves out as cowards, hoping to infringe on our rights as citizens of the internet, though not face the negative press associated with it.

Meanwhile, Microsoft actually seems unwilling to support the bill. Funny to think that a company once reviled for its devious business practices (what monopoly?) actually has their head on their shoulders in regards to this issue. Consider my Xbox 720 pre-order locked and loaded. PlayStation 4? Wii U? Forget about it.

Destructoid notes that EA also quietly withdrew support, but we already knew they were evil.

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