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Nintendo shuts now Nintendo Power Archive and Metroid 2 fan remake

Because there's no fun allowed in Nintendo's book!

Nintendo shuts now Nintendo Power Archive and Metroid 2 fan remake

Last week, it was believed that Nintendo had suddenly learned that fans love reliving the glory days of gaming and made an easily accessible archive of Nintendo Power. The archive was free to anyone with an internet connection, however, that is no longer the case. 

While the Nintendo Power's archive homepage still exists, everything else has been removed.

That's not all Nintendo killed, though. 

Over the weekend a fan remake of Metroid II: The Return of Samus surfaced, called Project AMR2. The remake was free to download on the official AMR2 blogsite. Of course, Nintendo couldn't allow someone to take their work and reapply it, even if fans are nearly foaming at the mouth over the thought of Metroid Prime: Federation Force releasing instead of a proper Metroid game.

Nintendo issued a takedown notice, which forced the hosts of the AMR2 download link to take down anything that allowed users to download the game. Now, the only way to locate and download the remake is if you find a link for it elsewhere.

If you do find a download link, know that you are taking a risk whenever you download anything from the web.

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