Nintendo rolls out more Fire Emblem: Awakening DLC today

Chances are, I don't have to tell you what an amazing game Fire Emblem: Awakening is, and that if you own a 3DS, you should therefore already own the game as well. Need convincing? Just check out our official Review!

Today, Nintendo announced two new maps available for Awakening, to make an already exhaustingly huge game, even bigger. The Champions of Yore 3 map, and the Golden Gaffe map are both available for $2.50.

  • Champions of Yore 3 lets players battle against legendary characters such as Marth, Roy and Ike. Players who have already purchased the Champions of Yore map pack can now access this new map to earn a new playable character named Michaiah and a special skill that will increase all of a character’s stats by two points.
  • The Golden Gaffe map is the first in a second set of three maps, and is also now available for $2.50. It pits players against a group of very wealthy enemies, and is a great way to earn gold.

Normally I'm all against paid DLC so close to the game's release, but at this price point, that's pretty easy to stomach. Also, it's hard to say no to MOAR FIRE EMBLEM!

Also remember, you have until March 6th to download the Champions of Yore 1 map completely free.

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