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Nintendo Q1 Release Dates Confirm Wii Has Been Abandoned


Nintendo's 3DS is finally starting to pick up steam, with mega-hits like Super Mario 3D Land and Monster Hunter 3G helping to move thousands of units right in time for the holidays. It's no surprise then that the gaming giant is focusing the bulk of their attention on their shiny new toy, with a recent corporate livestream revealing just one new Wii game for Q1, alongside stacks of portable entertainment.

The big first party titles are definitely Kid Icarus Uprising and Fire Emblem:Awakening, slated for March 22nd and April 19th respectively. Also showcased were a variety of exciting new third party titles, including Western-favorites Resident Evil Revelations (January 26th) and Metal Gear Solid 3D (March 8th). Meanwhile, Japanese gamers will be happy to date virtual 3D girlfriends in New Love Plus (February 24th) and sing alongside virtual pop star Hatsune Miku in "Hatsune Miku and Future Stars Project Mirai" (March 8th... and why do the Japanese love fake virtual women so much?).

Again however, the big disapoinment was the single Wii title showcased: Kiki Trick, coming January 19th. A "sound-comprehension" minigame collection from the makers of the Wario Ware series, this should prove to be a great game. It's just sad to know that the Nintendo Wii's lifecycle has come to an end, with the console's true potential never truly realized. Though us Western gamers will be looking forward to the long-demanded RPG Xenoblade, that seems the only interesting title remaining on the horizon...


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