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Nintendo NX details and layout leak; May not be region locked

A non-region locked Nintendo console?

Nintendo NX details and layout leak; May not be region locked

Nintendo hasn't revealed much on their upcoming console, codenamed the NX, but apparently they don't have to, leakers are doing that for them.

Rumors have already detailed the NX to be a portable console with detachable controllers and the latest rumor reiterates this, but with a couple more details. According to a source close to LetsPlayVideoGames working on an NX title set to launch Holiday 2017, the NX will be "a hybrid console with detachable controllers that have a split D-Pad, A, B, X, Y, and a camera / share button."

This source went on include the size of the portable device, which is "slightly thicker than the Nintendo 3DS XL when folded" and included an image of how the device allegedly looks.

NX Layout 1

The controllers connect via "a hole in each side of the system where the controllers can connect to," which "sort of" looks like this:

NX Layout 2

The biggest news out of all of this is that two sources are saying that the current NX development kits are region free and developers have not heard much on the console be region locked . In the past, Nintendo even locked development kits to regions, so this could be huge for Nintendo.

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