Nintendo is taking 90 minutes to announce a new 3DS game during E3

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Nintendo has shed further light on how they will be spending E3 2014, today announcing two developer discussions for E3 week: the first for Super Smash Bros. Wii U and the second to showcase a currently unannounced 3DS title.

The first discussion, slated for Tuesday, June 10, will feature a 90-minute presentation and Q&A session with Masahiro Sakurai, director of the next SSB. Interestingly, Nintendo has allotted the same amount of time to an unannounced 3DS game which is due for a Q&A the Wednesday after.

Nintendo has long since announced that they'll continue boycotting E3 in favor of their own digital presentation. However, supplementary events such as these work to call additional attention to specific titles, so it's no surprise to see the next Super Smash Bros.—which Nintendo has called a pillar of their marketing strategy for the year—get its own spotlight. 

We’ll be attending both events, so check back for more information on the days above. Here’s hoping for a new IP—or at least another Metroid

Austin Wood
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