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Nintendo hopes smartphone apps help sell Wii U consoles


Nintendo, a company known for thinking outside the box, is doing so once again. In a move that they hope spurs console sales, Nintendo is looking to modify the Wii U to be compatible with smartphone applications. Nintendo has reached out to mobile developers and offered them professional conversion software to encourage them to develop smartphone software that will be playable on the Wii U.

The hope is that this will increase indie dev support for the console, which will help console sales, which will lead to popular game titles coming to them. Most recently, EA Sports confirmed that Madden NFL 25 won't be coming to the Wii U. This came hot off the heels of Nintendo announcing its financial results for the fiscal year ending in March 31, 2013, where they reported a $366 million operating loss. Nintendo president Satoru Iwata said the time gaps with first-party software releases and poor marketing for the console contributed to the loss. 

What do you think of smartphone apps on the Wii U? Wouldn't that just make the console an expensive OUYA?

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